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We’ve devoted ourselves to engineering, building, testing and optimizing our amazing vehicle, so we’re proud and delighted to finally be selling our first 100 roos.

Jump to the head of the queue, and join with us to shape the future of urban mobility.

The small, agile, versatile electric vehicle

roo is the product of a pioneering approach to urban mobility, complementing and broadening transportation policies that are being adopted by cities worldwide. It fills significant gaps and makes urban travel more sustainable, flexible and fun.



Three wheels and an adjustable seat, with a roof that protects you from bad weather. No helmet is needed, and it’s easy to drive and park.

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Emission-free: solar and battery powered. Sustainably produced, mainly in Europe. Aluminum frame and recycled plastic shell. 



The safety and comfort of a larger vehicle for the price of a scooter or motorcycle. No money wasted at the gas pump. Easy, minimal maintenance.


Outstanding Swiss Engineering

DIMENSIONS Length: 1.45 m
Width: 0.8 m
Height: 1.85
(up to 5.1 kWh with 3 batteries)
SPEED 45 km/h
LUGGAGE 25 kg front
25 kg rear (optional)
RANGE 30 km
(up to 90 km with 3 batteries)


Tilt 40° with roo into the curve

Order roo now

We are preparing the first production of 100 roos in 2023 for the European Union, UK and Switzerland. The number is strictly limited so make sure to reserve your roo as fast as possible.

if you are located in the USA or Canada, you can also reserve a roo or send us an e-mail at

We will start the pre-sales in your region shortly.


Production & Delivery

The production time is approximately 9 months. We plan to start the delivery in autumn 2023. The costs for the delivery are depending on the location and the number of orders and will be between CHF 500 - 1'000. You will get an exact quote for different delivery options and rates before you sign the sales contract. roo can also be picked up in Zürich, which is free of charge.


Payment Options

You can choose one of two options to pay:

  • One-time payment upfront for the price of CHF 10'000.- 
  • 50% up-front and 50% at the delivery for the price of CHF 11'000.-


One roo costs CHF 10'000.-*. Features you can add:

  • Solar panel on the roof: CHF 1'000.-
  • Luggage rack: CHF 210.-
  • Extra battery: CHF 1'450.-
    (up to 3 batteries can be integrated)
  • Charging cable: CHF 250.-

*Special price for first 100 roos, all prices are without taxes and delivery.

In case, we do not have 100 reservations with at least 50% of the down
we can’t start production and deposits will be refunded.

The new face of urban mobility taking you to work, the gym, or the supermarket


Move around large campuses in a single-person shuttle

Pre-order now

Step 1

Fill in the pre-order form. The pre-order period is limited until 30 December 2022. The initial deposit is CHF 200.

Step 2

Production will start when 100 roos are ordered. Customers who pre-ordered roo will receive contracts to make a 50% down payment on the vehicle. 

Step 3

After you have pre-ordered and signed the purchase contract, delivery for the EU market is scheduled for Q4 2023. 

Please use the same email address in pre-order and payment forms.