1. When roo is available for a test drive?

roo is available for a test drive in Zurich, Switzerland on November 24, 2022. We welcome you to book your time slot here

2. What is the price for roo? 

The special price for the first 100 roos is CHF 10'000, without taxes and delivery. 

3. When to sign a purchase contract?

Once we received 100 pre-orders of roo we will contact you to sign a purchase contract and request to choose from two payment options: One-time payment upfront for the price of CHF 10'000.- or 50% up-front and 50% at the delivery for the price of CHF 11'000.-

4. When is roo planned to be delivered? 

The production time is approximately 9 months. We plan to start the delivery in autumn 2023. We ship across Europe. The costs for the delivery are depending on the location and the number of orders and will be between CHF 500 - 1'000. You will get an exact quote for different delivery options and rates before you sign the sales contract. roo can also be picked up in Zürich, which is free of charge.

5. What is a driving experience of roo?

You can experience driving roo during a test drive day in Zurich, Switzerland, please book a test drive here.

6. Which type of driver's license to drive roo?

Motorcycle licenses may be required in your country/jurisdiction to legally operate roo.

7. How to contact roo team?

You can contact us at info@go-roo.com