We offer your company up to 100t* of CO₂ reduction free of charge

50 roo vehicles as a part of company fleet to achieve your carbon neutrality goals of 2025.

* an average car emits 147 g CO2/km. We calculated with 50km per day per car = 7'350 g CO2  per day.
With 260 working days and 50 cars = 95.6 t per year.

Partnership proposal includes:

→ 50 vehicles
→ For 12 months period
→ No hardware costs*
→ No obligations attached

After the project you will be able to take the fleet over to a reasonable price or just give them back to us.

* the only costs would be: Insurance, shipping and handling (Conditions at the bottom of the page)

Video: This is the prototype of roo with the last design version (2021)

Why become a partner:

To strengthen company’s
commitment and sustainability goals 
To maximise impact by driving change as a first mover 
To influence greener policy outcomes in your key markets
To demonstrate clear leadership to employees
New roo

Picture: the all new roo design, which will be produced in 2022/23

This is how you get the most out of your roo fleet:

  • company fleet for employees to commute
  • as a mobility solution for sales persons in urban areas
  • on campus mobility for facility services or employees
To drive for 12 months without creating any CO2 emissions.


Become a partner 

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