carbon neutral and cost-effective vehicle for urban, corporate and private mobility

        roo is a Swiss product, and it’s the smallest electric vehicle that can be driven without a helmet (it has a seatbelt). roo’s vision and mission is to reconfigure urban mobility in an energy-efficient and emission-free way: it fits perfectly into the new era where we must use sparse resources wisely and limit the release of CO2

Powerful & Impactful Use Cases

We want you to realise one of these impact projects with us to start the revolution of urban mobility

Reduction of city traffic and CO2 emission

  • Company fleet to cover short commuting in urban zones for Scope 3 carbon reduction
  • roo as a solution in cities or suburbs to cover the last mile which is not covered by public transport

Supporting cities like Amsterdam, Los Angeles and London to reach their goals

  • Amsterdam (NL) is reducing 11'000 parking spaces until 2025 and completely banning vehicles with combustion engines by 2030
  • Los Angeles (USA) and London (UK) will ban all vehicles driving on petrol or diesel by 2030

Providing mobility sharing solution

  • roo as an alternative to e-scooters, bikes or cars for existing sharing platforms
  • roo as an integrative mobility solution for apartment buildings or housing areas in urban or suburban zones
Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-06 um 14.16.15

           Picture: the all new roo design launched in 2022 

Investment opportunity

Seed round

– CHF 1.5 mio. investment capital to finance the first two projects with 50 vehicles each in 2022 and to build up the team for expansion
– Series A round will be started in 2023
– The market launch will be prepared in 2023/24
– An exit or series B round is planned in 2024/25